PropertyQuants has a unique advantage - we are a team of data scientists / quantitative investors who also have significant experience with real estate investing. We’ve built expertise in technologies related to machine learning and also real estate, and we’re keen to use our skillsets to help your firm gain a business advantage.

Here is a list of projects we’ve worked on to date:

Map Based Visualization Label

Map-based Visualization

Geographic Information Systems-based visualizations (e.g., heatmaps of net yields by location)

Augmented Reality Visualization Label

Augmented Reality Visualizations

Design and deploy mobile apps for location-based property data (e.g., land boundaries, transaction records, property characteristics)

Website And Mobile App Programming Label

Website and Mobile App programming

Create webpages or mobile apps that integrate maps, geographic information systems, databases, data analytics / visualizations, and more

Location Scoring Label

Location Scoring

Converting map-based data to numeric scores e.g., for any given location, return a quantitative index of its quality along a specified dimension such as proximity to highly ranked schools, commute time to CBD, demographic factors, etc

Event Analytics Label

Event Analysis

Quantitatively driven historical research e.g., the impact of infrastructure upgrade announcements on housing prices

Comparative Investment Analysis Label

Comparative investment analysis

Is it better to invest in city x or city y? e.g., price history and current pricing by unit type and neighborhood across global cities

Assembling Alternative Datasets

Assembling alternative datasets

We can deliver data from the web as a useful database to power your analyses