We are launching two series of funds

PropertyQuants Single Country Funds

Single-country Funds

Our single-country fund is built for single markets identified by algorithms to be among the best, globally.

The algorithms crunch massive data sets across cities and score the cities with factors identified to be key drivers of return . The machine then selects regions within the cities based on the return profile of the investor. The machine is able to analyse data on a broader and deeper scale than any individual investor.

Our team shortlists potential property projects, presenting only the very best opportunities to our investors.

Investors, therefore, harness the power of technology to gain optimal exposure and the best possible returns from the real estate sector in a specific country

PropertyQuants Single Country Funds

Diversified Funds

Our diversified funds take an optimal portfolio approach to investing, picking the best blend of markets to invest in at any given time.

The platform considers a very large number of potential investments across the globe, and highlights a list of candidate countries for our team to study closely.

present investors with the best blended opportunity set, with investment performance that is likely to be more robust and stable over time.

For a relatively small investment outlay, investors gain a huge diversification benefit and exposure to the best global opportunities by investing through our technology-driven real estate funds.

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